Tips on planning a successful event.

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Successful Event Management: Top 10 tips

1) Agree roles and responsibilities ASAP
The longer different organisations linger over who is responsible (and paying) for different elements of the overall strategy, the more valuable time will be lost.

2) Integrate the operations plan
Event  operations can impact upon a wide range of other ‘functional areas’ (eg crowd management, city operations and venue management). All these individual elements must work in harmony to achieve a good outcome.

3) It won’t be perfect
Everyone starts off planning an event with the perfect plan, but in the event business, everything doesn’t go as planned. Adapting to changes in circumstances and making quick decisions to improvise.

4) Have a dedicated operations team
Put effort into having a dedicated team of operations professionals who can manage every aspect of your operations.

5) Involve stakeholders early
This includes the local authorities and transport operators. You can’t do it on your own. You’ll need their help in the planning of the event.

6) Share your plans
If other key stakeholders do not understand your plan, then you do not have a plan. Ensure that all those affected understand the plan to lower the risk of others doing something that does not fit with the overall objective.

7) Remain flexible
Things WILL change. Event times, locations, even the type of event will change through the planning process, requiring changes to the transport plan. As our colleagues would say, “suck it up” and get on with it.

8) Transferability
Take care when transferring data gathered from one event for the planning of another. Yes, some aspects will be similar, but others will be wildly affected by different geography, culture or the transport infrastructure available in different cities. The key is to understand what can and cannot be transferred safely.

9) Have consistent operational plans
Keep your operating plans and policies as consistent as possible across all your venues. This makes staff training more efficient and provides greater resilience should you need to transfer staff from one venue to another.

10) Have FUN!! 


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